In 2014 Josh and Trisha Williams created Locol Love to embark on the journey of bringing a persistent supply of tremendous products to the people of Colorado. Now operating a recreational wholesale facility in the beautiful foothills of Boulder, their goals, and now, core values of Locol Love still remain the same: to consistently produce high quality products that offer natural alternatives to helping heal the world. 

Where others saw risk, the Williams and their Locol Love family saw opportunity to help create a shift in perspective, and implementing big changes that needed to take place. Locol Love understood to make their dream a reality that needed to be able to educate people in cannabis and given a quality product to help the hope become a reality.

The Locol Love family is on a mission to achieve their goal each and every day. Each Locol Love family member understands the end goal of creating amazing products through experience and love for breeding, cultivating, and harvesting new products. That intense passion and persistence is evident in each packaged product that goes out the door. Many wonder how they are able to produce this level of excellence day in and day out, their answer is simple. Hard work, attention to detail and a daily dose of love.

Locol Love currently offers 

  • High-quality boutique strains of flower and trim.
  • New flavors offered to the market weekly.
  • Certified 303 seeds breeder and Distributor. Mountain grown and strong.
  • Greatest variety and strongest clones in Colorado.  

Superior quality, consistency and variety can only mean one thing…Love, Locol Love. The one stop shop for high-quality seeds, clones, flower, and trim continuing to provide new genetics increase quality each day, as a benchmark.